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Motorcycle & Auto Damage Appraisal Services

Our auto appraisal experts are fully trained to write an Appraisal according to the guidelines and procedures of each Insurance Company. Appraisers represent and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and act as a representative on behalf of each Insurance Company that utilizes our services. No matter how big or small your auto damage appraisal or motorcycle appraisal needs are, rest assured that IAS has you covered.

Whether a vehicle or motorcycle is repairable or a total loss, the vehicle inspection along with proper documentation is essential for an Appraiser to provide to the Adjuster in an attempt to resolve the claim fairly for their client. We at IAS believe and have been trained to recognize that the claims process is much more than just writing an estimate.

An automobile and property damage appraiser is also trained to report any questionable damages or facts to the Adjuster. This type of information can be useful for the Adjuster in determining liability or making any other compensatory decisions regarding the claim. This is especially important as documentation can also be examined in a court of law if requested.

An Appraiser’s job doesn’t end after the initial inspection. Often times there is additional follow through such as a re-inspection at the repair shop after the vehicle is torn down, thus requiring a supplemental estimate. In extreme cases, an Appraiser can be asked to provide a statement or testify in a court of law the facts, findings or opinions relevant to a claim.

Quality Control ensures you get what you expect and that claims cost are being minimized for each claim.